2022 Regional Conference Dates and Locations

Vincennes University
Saturday, November 12

Indiana University Kokomo
Saturday, November 19

Bethel College
Saturday, November 19

Hobart High School
Saturday, December 3

Noblesville High School
Saturday, December 3

The Indiana Thespians Regional Conferences are a series of one-day events held each fall. Delegates to these events are treated to a number of plays that are competing to advance to our State Conference, as well as workshops or other enrichment activities in theatre.

Anyone may attend a Regional to watch the shows and participate in the workshops. To attend, schools must fill out the REGIONAL REGISTRATION FORM, which is below. For questions about a specific site, please contact the Chapter Executive Board member in charge of that particular Regional.

Competing Schools: You must submit your proof of permission form no later than 10 days before your Regional! Link to the form is below!

NOTE: Any school who wishes may attend a Regional Conference to watch the shows and take workshops. However, each school must register for the conference site!

FAQs about Regionals

These questions have come from various Troupe Directors regarding the ins and outs of Regionals!

How will students waiting backstage know when our time has begun? How do those on stage communicate with those in the booth? Generally the host school will either allow students to operate the headsets to communicate between booth and backstage, or they will have staff to operate them.  Generally time begins with the first theatrical element after the initial blackout:  sound cue, lights, up, line said in the dark, etc. 

Do the students in the booth run our cues or just tell the operator from the host site when to go? For example, we are bringing our own computer for sound cues. Do I get to select a student to run those cues or does a person from the host site run them? Most sites allow students or adults from the performing school to run the boards. Confirm with your host site.

Are we allowed to use a fog/haze machine? If so, can we have it plugged in ahead of time or do we have to wait for it to warm up as part of our 45 mins? This is a decision that comes from each host site. If you are permitted, yo may warm it up early without it counting against your time! 

Will the center line be marked so that students know approximately where to set up the set pieces? We encourage host sites to mark center lines as well as the center of each lighting area.

I only have two tech people and they both want to be in the booth for the show. Do I need someone on stage as well? Am I allowed to be on stage as acting stage manager? You can be wherever you want/need to be.  We would say that having someone on tech from your school backstage would be highly advisable! 

If we need to change some cues after the tech form is submitted is that possible? Or after the deadline will no changes be able to be made? As long as they are relatively minor, no big deal.  But the tech forms help both Indiana Thespians and the host site to plan for the shows, so out of courtesy, please be as accurate as you can in your initial submission. There is no guarantee that you will be granted the ability to make changes after you submit.

When does my group need to go backstage to be ready? During the show before ours? Or during the talkback that is happening for the previous group? Some sites provide homerooms for each school, while others are unable to provide this. Generally, access to the dressing rooms is available only during the show immediately before your show, since those spaces are shared.

Can we listen to the talkbacks for other schools? YES! We encourage it! The ability to critically analyze productions is a part of the Indiana Theatre standards. What better way to fulfill that than by hearing what our judges have to say!