The Indiana Thespians hosts a variety of conferences throughout the year.

Leadership Retreat: This overnight event brings together Troupe Directors and Troupe Leaders across the state for networking and learning of ways to improve theatre in our schools and in our Chapter!

High School Regionals: These one-day events feature our one-act play competition as well as workshops. The top one-acts from each Regional advance to perform at the State Conference

Junior Thespian Festival: This is a one-day event that brings together Junior Thespians for a play competition, a Thespy practice session, and workshops to engage middle school Thespians.

State Conference: This three-day event brings together middle and high school Thespians for a weekend of celebrating theatre! Featuring plays, Thespys, the Tech Challenge, workshops, a keynote speaker, and more, everyone goes home exhausted but excited to take what they have learned back onto their home stages!

International Thespian Festival: This weeklong event is hosted by the Educational Theatre Association. It features plays, Thespys, the Tech Challenge, workshops, and more!