Regional Competition Play Availability

As of 10:40 AM ET on 8/19, here is the availability of competition slots at the various Regional locations
Vincennes University (November 6)
1 slot reserved, 5 available

Bethel (November 20)
6 slots reserved, 0 available

Indiana University Kokomo (November 20)
5 slots reserved, 1 available

Hobart High School (December 4) FULL
7 slots reserved, 0 available (one of the reserved slots is a middle schools; according to the rules, one more high school slot is automatically available)

Noblesville High School (December 4) FULL
6 slots reserved, 0 available

Do remember that schools who reserve a slot must also submit their $75 adjudication fee to solidify their slot. Invoices will be sent out soon!

“Act well your part, there all the honor lies”

–Alexander Pope, Essay on Man

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