Thank you for a great 2022 State Conference!
We’ll see you in 2023!

Each year the Indiana Thespians State Conference gathers nearly 1000 middle and high school Thespians, Future Thespians, and their directors for a weekend of workshops, performances, keynote speakers, and FUN! See the tabs below for a preview!

The 2023 State Conference will be held on January 20-22. The location is being firmed up at this time


A complete detailed schedule is released in early January through our online app. However, here is a general idea of what happens throughout the weekend!

Thespian Scholarship Auditions/Play Competitions/Workshops/Thespys
College Auditions/Play Competitions/Thespys/Workshops
College Audition Callbacks/Play Competitions/Thespys/Workshops
Tech Challenge
Keynote Speaker/Hall of Fame Awards/College Scholarship Awards
Hall of Fame Reception
Tech Challenge and Thespy Awards
Junior Thespian Performance
Play Awards/New STO Announced/Closing Remarks

So Much To Do!

Check out all of the amazing things that take place at State!

Forms! Forms! Forms!

Use the links below to submit for State!

State Conference Registration: General registration for ALL who are attending

Electronic Submissions Form: To submit your Health Care/Code of Conduct forms, and, your Principal’s consent form (found at the end of the packet), and your proof of permission (if you are presenting a show at State)

Change Form (coming soon): Need to change information before January 7? Have to cancel due to Covid (see the Cancellation Policy below)? Use the Change Form!

Also, everyone attending must be registered, both students and adults. At this time we are not likely to be able to allow visitors to come and watch individual shows as we have in the past. Our first priority is ensuring that there is enough space for all students who wish to attend and the required number of chaperones (see the registration packet for information on the minimum required number of chaperones).

Cancellation Policy

Due to Covid, we recognize that some troupes may need to cancel some or all registrations.  We will work to refund all costs that Indiana Thespians has not yet incurred.  Therefore, the refund policy  for cancellations due to Covid  is as follows:

After December 15, you will be refunded your registration fees MINUS the cost of the badge, lanyard, and conference shirt.

After January 7, you will be refunded your registration fees MINUS the cost of the badge, lanyard, conference shirt, and meals.

Thespy and Tech Challenge Fees are not refundable.

If you are canceling due to your administration’s Covid restrictions, you must provide us with written evidence stating such from your administration. (This will avoid people using Covid to reduce numbers).All Cancellations should be made on the Change Form, which will be on the State Conference webpage. 

Note that cancellations due to Covid will not incur the $10 change fee; all other changes will.

Covid-19 Protocols for the 2022 Indiana Thespians State Conference

By attending Indiana Thespian events, everyone (Troupe Directors, Chaperones, students, and parent(s)/guardian(s) of students) agrees and acknowledges the contagious nature of COVID-19 and its variants and voluntarily assumes the risk that they/you may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19. All delegates agree to follow the Indiana Thespians Covid-19 policies at the time of the event while at the event. All local, state, and national guidelines will be followed. 

In order to provide the highest level of protection and sense of safety to all who attend, the following are the protocols for the 2022 Indiana Thespians State Conference.

  1. Masks must be worn at all times while indoors at the Conference venue.
  2. Troupes will be seated by section in the Auditorium.  Where your troupe sits for the opening ceremony will be where they sit the entire weekend for all events in the Auditorium.
  3. Masks will not be required of those performing onstage, in Thespy rooms, or in College/Scholarship Audition Rooms.  
  4. The only people allowed in Thespy rooms will be the adjudicators, the current performer, and their troupe directors.