Each year the Indiana Thespians hosts a college audition process for students wishing to study theatre after high school. Junior and Senior Thespians may participate in the process. Each college or university theatre program that participates in the process awards a minimum of 2, $500 scholarships, for students to study at their school. Most schools award much more than that!

Annually, this program awards nearly $500,000 in scholarships to prospective students!

How do I qualify to participate in the College Auditions?
  • You must be an inducted Junior or Senior Thespian
  • You must have a cumulative and current GPA of 2.5
  • You must be looking to study theatre in college
How do I prepare?
  • First, develop a portfolio of your work. Things to collect are videos of realized work (both actors and designers need this), as well as documentation of your process (designers).
  • Get your resume in order!
  • If you are doing a performance-based audition, you have 3 minutes to perform anything you want from plays or musicals to showcase your talent.
  • If you are doing and educational or technical portfolio, you should prepare a 3-4 minute presentation of your portfolio.  
  • If you are doing the college auditions, we also recommend bringing about 15 copies of your headshot and resume to State to distribute in the audition room or to other college reps at the booths (some colleges do not do the college auditions).
I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Tom Mackey (tmackey@indianathespians.org) and Peggy Matanic (mmatanic@munster.us) College Audition Coordinators

To get apply, click the link below.  Note that this is the same application that is used for the Thespian Scholarship Program.